ADULTS | Learn a new language and improve your job opportunities

Lesson = 60 mins


We provide flexible choices to accommodate your needs and budget. For private courses, we offer the option to pay in two installments. Here’s an overview of our course options:

1- Private classes

– Private Flexi Courses:

2- Group Classes: (2-4)

Our English program is designed to help you quickly improve your English communication skills while offering excellent value for your money. Our curriculum focuses on various aspects of language learning, including conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, grammar skills, idioms, and modern slang.

3- Business Courses for Companies:

If you are a company looking to enhance your employees’ language skills, we offer business courses. The pricing is as follows:

– Group of 2 persons: 57 CHF/hour

– Group of 3-4 persons: 67 CHF/ hour

– Additional 10 CHF for teacher’s displacement (applicable for on-site classes)

Join us at Swiss British Languages and unlock the doors to new language proficiency, expanding your job opportunities.

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