COMPANIES | English is the international language of business and commerce

Swiss British Languages recognizes the importance of English as the international language of business and commerce. To cater to the needs of companies, we have developed a special and flexible 12-module course (64 hours) designed to quickly improve your business communication skills.


Our comprehensive course covers various aspects of business communication. Here is an overview of the modules covered:

-Developing Leadership and Team Building Skills

-Effective Communication in Presentations

-Decision-making, Motivation and Delegation, Effective Communication in Meetings

-Relationship Building and Networking

– Recruitment Interviews

– Business Law, Ethics, Tourism and Environmental Issues

– Effective Communication in Sales and Negotiations

During the Course :

-You will cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

-Focus on speaking and listening skills (oral and written).

-Rapidly improving your business communication skills.

-Throughout the course, you will engage in written exercises, presentations, dialogues, and role-playing in realistic business situations. This will help you practice and improve your skills in business vocabulary and buzzwords, email and memo writing, letter writing, negotiation, interviewing, and telephone conversations in English.

Course Details:

– Duration: 64 hours

– Price: 4700 CHF

– Students can join separate weeks based on availability

– Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels

– Specific modules can be provided upon request

– For beginners, we offer a 20-lesson intensive course for 1450 CHF

– All our teachers are native speakers, ensuring a Cambridge authentic learning experience.

Enhance your business communication skills and excel in the international language of business with Swiss British Languages. Join our course to gain the necessary language proficiency for success in the corporate world.

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