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STUDENTS | Learning + Reinforcement Learning

At Swiss British Languages, we offer comprehensive language courses for students at different education levels, providing learning and reinforcement opportunities. Here’s an overview of our course offerings:

For Students of Compulsory Schooling (Primary and Secondary Level 1):

If you are a student in compulsory schooling, including kindergarten, or at the secondary school level 1, we have courses designed specifically for you.

For Apprenticeship/Matura and Post-Compulsory Education (Secondary Level 2):

For young individuals aged 16 and more who have completed compulsory education and are pursuing apprenticeship or Matura, we provide specialized middle school courses.

Course Locations and Availability:

Our classes are conducted in Aigle, Monthey, and Geneva, and are available all year round.

1- Private lessons:

Learning + Reinforcement Learning with SBL brings together students and professionals to cover the PER and all international education programmes in Canton Vaud and Canton Valais.

1- Group lessons:

We offer group lessons for students, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The details of our group lessons are as follows:

– Duration: 1 hour

– Price: 25 CHF per hour per student

– Group Size: 2-4 students

2- Special needs program:

We are honored to provide inclusive educational opportunities for children with disabilities, learning difficulties, and special needs. Our special needs program is tailored to individual requirements and includes support for gifted students and those who do not speak the local language. The details of our special needs program are as follows:

– Duration: 1 hour

– Price: 29 CHF per student

– Classes are individualized and adapted to each student’s needs.

– Parents are encouraged to be present during the class.

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Join our language courses designed specifically for students, where learning and reinforcement go hand in hand. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive environment to help every student thrive.

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